Nkonkobe Economic Development Agency (NEDA) was established by the Nkonkobe Local Municipality as a Municipal subsidiary whose purpose is to spearhead its Local Economic Development (LED). The rationale behind the agency has been since inception to sufficiently capacitate a vehicle for management of viable economic projects. To this day, based on this responsibility, NEDA’s key focus areas and objectives have been;

•    Identification and management of viable and sustainable economic development projects within its jurisdiction of operation
•    Facilitation of investor attraction and trade promotion
•    Leveraging public and private resources for local economic development
•    Creation of an enabling environment for business growth
•    Build local and regional economies for viable livelihoods
•    Enhance the economic competitiveness of targeted Economic Zones
•    Maintain sector support and development
•    Support for special targeted projects

NEDA’s objectives and goals have been the foundation of the organization’s strategic approach to all its functionary units as well as project implementation. Thus in the day to day implementation of its mandate, NEDA has maintained key performance and self-evaluation areas to include:
•    Infrastructure development
•    Skills development and improvement
•    Facilitation of sustainable economic growth and black economic empowerment initiatives
•    Employment creation
•    SMME development
•    Trade and investment facilitation

The implementation of the above has been centred around the building of local and regional economies and sustenance of a viable industry. Key pillar industry sectors in the region have been identified that will support NEDA’s mandate and to ensure that opportunities in these local and regional economies are fully utilised for the benefit of the communities NEDA serves. Such sectors include;

•    Agriculture
•    Tourism
•    Small Medium Micro Enterprise (SMME) Development
A combined effort and continued involvement of the community which NEDA serves, Community Based Planning( CBP) will further enlighten and strengthen the critical role the organization in both economic and social development. Thus, NEDA is able to roll out and implement projects based on the needs and dictates of the community and the environment it operates under.

1.    Board Members :
i.    Ms Fezeka Maqwati (Acting Chairperson)
ii.    Mr Mpho Pebane
iii.    Mr Mlungisi Nyweba
iv.    Ms Vicky Nkomana
v.    Mr Mandisi Mali (Chief Executive Officer)

2.    Organisational Structure

3.    Reports